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Our Free workshops will also make you “Feel free “ because all the mental restrictions you have had before about making art will dissapear instantly. We teach you completely for free at no charge “How to become an artist in nooooo time “.

“Everyone on this planet is an artist, only our mind is telling us we are not”. Therefore can you ask yourself the following 3 questions:
Have you ever cut a potato? Have you ever grated cheese? Have you ever peeled an apple?

If the answer is YES , congratulations … you can become an artist in nooooo time.

Become an artist

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Buy your Sculpture Block articles now and become an artist in nooooo time with our Complete Toolset and Sculpture Block Set together. We also have a 24 pcs Liquitex painting set, a Primer Set (3 tubes) and  a Fat led pencil for long lasting drawing on Sculpture Block.

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