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Become an Artist in "noooooo time" with the Sculpt & Paint figures

Sculpt and Paint® figures are half ready figures that are great for starting artists and hobbyists.
These high density foam figures are extremely strong but light weight and can easily be worked on with any tool that cuts, carves,raps or sands.
It can be painted and decorated with any type of acryllic-oil or waterbased paint, goldleaf, deco- paper or anything you wish.

Making a Sculpture has never been so easy in 5 steps:

  • Step 1: Design: Make your Design with a pencil directly on your figure.
  • Step 2: Rasp: Shape and carve your form with a rasp or a knife
  • Step 3: Sand: Use a 80 grid sandpaper to smooth the surface.
  • Step 4: Prime: Use a quality primer or white paint for your first coating.
  • Step 5:  Paint: Paint it and/or decorate it with acryllic paint or oil paint.

Other possibilities:

  • You can also paint the excistings forms as they are and stick them on your canvas or on your wall.
  • You can stamp paint with it : on your paper, canvas and wall.

Product collection

Article Name
SBR 101 Butterfly
SBR 102 Bird
SBR 103 Dog
SBR 104 Cat
SBR 105 Fish
SBR 106 Heart
SBR 107 Star
SBR 108 Dolphin

A few examples of Sculpt & Paint: