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About us

Sculpture Block B.V is a manufacturer and product developer of the Sculpture Block © product range.

The mission of Sculpture Block© is to prove that everyone on this planet is an artist.

The founder of Sculpture Block ©, Jan-Willem Krijger from the Netherlands, has therefore developed: The Art of easy Sculpting ©.

As a life long artist and product developer of creative products, he has developed a very special high density foam which is very different from any other foam or creative product sofar.

The basic principle of the Sculpture Block© product range is that: If you can move your hand and your arm “you can become an artist in nooooo time “.

Starters in the field of creativity will develope themselves very fast into happy artists due to the multi-functional qualities. Sculpture Block© is light weight, strong and “easy to work with”.

The Sculpture Block © product range has been developed on basis of the principle “do less and accomplish more “. As traditional stone and wood materials require physical strength, skills and endurance, the moden Sculpture Block © product range is the right material for any starter. This because it creates 3D forms fast and effortlessly.

Excisting artists and hobbyists can also develope their technical skills much faster with the Sculpture Block © product range in order to increase their creative pursuits.

Sculpting and painting in one product is also very unique and therefore we consider the Sculptue Block © product range as a major breakthrough in developing creative skills for young and old, experiencced and unexperienced.

This safe, easy to shape  and user- friendly material for the artist-, design and hobby market gives everyone the opportunity on this planet to make easily beautifull forms and creative sculptures  in less time and for less money.

Creative wishes,

Jan-Willem Krijger,

Founder and CEO